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Writer's Notes - By Jeanne Dininni

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Finish the Year Out Right: Two Click-to-Give Sites' Clicks Matched Through December

December 15th 2007 22:23

Two Charitable Sites Matching Clicks This Month

Two of six click-to-give sites that have been mentioned at Writer's Notes before are offering to match any clicks received through the end of 2007, giving double benefit to the charities they support. The Literacy Site and The Breast Cancer Site will match your clicks--up to one per day--through the end of December.

Give Just a Little Bit More When You Click This Month

This is a wonderful opportunity to give just a little bit more to these organizations that are dedicated to helping those in need. And the best part is that it doesn't cost you a penny! All it costs is a few minutes (or less) of your time each day to help provide free books for underprivileged children and free mammograms for low-income women. Simply visit the sites and click the "give" button. The sites and their sponsors will do the rest! What could be easier? And what a great free gift to give someone this Christmas!

Don't Forget to Click and Give to the Other Four Sites, As Well

While you're there, be sure to also click the "give" buttons for the other worthy causes represented by the remainder of this bank of six click-to-give sites: The Hunger Site, The Child Health Site, The Rainforest Site, and The Animal Rescue Site. While clicks generated on these four sites are not being matched click-for-click this month, your click will nevertheless help these organizations complete their charitable work. (As mentioned above, all six of these sites are part of a bank of charitable sites; and thus, for your convenience, all six may be accessed by clicking the link to any one of them.)

A Few Minutes of Your Time Equals Free Gifts this Christmas and In the New Year

Please consider spending a few minutes each day during the month of December clicking to give to these six charitable causes. After all, where else can you go to give free gifts this Christmas?

Also, consider making a habit of supporting these charitable sites with regular clicks in 2008! You'll receive far more than you give!

In the spirit of the season,

This is not a sponsored post.

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4 Comments. [Add A Comment]

Comment by Tracy

December 15th 2007 23:16
What a great idea, I'll be doing that,


Comment by Jeanne Dininni

December 16th 2007 01:28
Hi, Tracy!

Glad to hear you're planning to participate! The causes are certainly worthwhile--and what could be easier than clicking to give!

Thanks for the visit!

Comment by tlcorbin

December 16th 2007 15:12
That sounds like a great idea, do they make money on a per thousand click basis or is there a minimum? Some of this stuff is still new to me Jeanne. Raven

Comment by Jeanne Dininni

December 16th 2007 18:00

While I don't know very much about how it works, I don't think there's a minimum. I believe their advertisers simply give a certain amount of money for each click.

Last month the Breast Cancer Site made its goal of funding 500 mammograms for low-income women and, as a result, their non-profit partner donated an ultrasound machine to a hospital in South Africa.

These click-to-give sites are a wonderful way to give--especially for those whose funds may be limited.

Thanks for your interest!

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